We are currently running Oracle on Windows NT (I know it's ancient but it works!!) but we've just purchase a new server that cannot run Windows NT (no drivers for the RAID array).

The box was orginally bought for another purpose but I want to see if we can use it for the ORACLE.

Normally when I've transferred the Oracle to another box, I've installed the vanilla version of Oracle on the new box, shut down the services and deleted the ORANT directory. I then shut down the Oracle on the live server, copy over the ORANT directory and all the datafiles and then restart the services on the new server. This has always worked very nicely.

However, I am trying to install the vanilla Oracle on the Win2K server and when it reached the bit where it installed the Oracle Intelligence Agent it complains about access rights for the server and dies.

As I only really need the services set up, I looked in the services and found the OracleStartORCL & the OracleServiceORCL services but NO OracleTNSListener server.

I tried to do a custom install and only install the SQL*Net Server (which should intall the TNS service) but then it give me the error : "Unable to delete the NT service for the SQL*Net V2 Listener"

I saw on another forum that I should delete the instance using ORADIM73, which I did and this removed the OracleServiceORCL service (but not the OracleStartORCL) when I now try to install the SQL*Net Server it gives me the same error as above also if I try to re-install using the automatic method it crashes out without any errors.

1) Am I wasting my time?
2) If not, can I recover from where I am or
3) SHould I give up, reinstall 2K and install Oracle using a different method?

In other words how do I install Oracle onto Win 2K server?

Kind Regards