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    Question Unanswered: Hi all, Eliminating duplicates question

    Hey everyone, I'm pretty new to this forum (and Access, and SQL ), and I wanted to introduce myself and ask a question.
    My question:
    My current project is this: Moving customer data from Triad Point of Sale software to MS Access, then eliminating the many, many duplicates. I have successfully moved my Triad info into Access and merged it with an already existing table. But, now I have the task of eliminating duplicates (which pretty much means eliminating entries with the same address). I'm pretty sure this can be done with an SQL query, but alas, I'm not really sure how to do this.
    If anyone could give me some feedback on how to do this easily (I'm working with 16000+ entries, so manual elimination wouldn't be fun.) It would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.

    Side note: everything imported from Triad is in all caps, everything in Access is not. Does this matter? Also, I'm using Access 2000

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    Create a new query (press New on the query tab) and try the Find Duplicates Query wizard.

    About captions: I don't think it matters. If it does, try the UCase statement in your field definition. For example:

    newfieldname: UCase([yourfield])

    Hope it helps.


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