I am trying to use mysqlhotscopy to do a full backup of my database. Here's what I did at the command prompt:

c:\mysql\scripts>mysqlhotcopy.pl sales c:\sales\MySQLBackup

The error I get is:

"The getpwuid function is unimplemented at :\mysql\scripts>mysqlhotcopy.pl line 79"

I tried to open up mysqlhotcopy.pl in notepad to check out line 79, but it's like a big blob of text.

How do I fix this?

By the way, I just need to backup the data in my database so that I can restore it quickly whenever I need to. I'm writing an application that allow users to insert, delete, modify table data and I need to restore the database very frequenty as I debug the program. Is there an easier way (such as just copying the data files)?