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    Red face Unanswered: Access XP deletes .ldb file while in use!!!

    I have a multi-user Access db residing on a Microsoft Network server with clients running mostly Novell NT 4.0. I have the .ldb files for the FE and BE set to "delete inhibit" so multiple users can use the db simultaneously.

    Recently my company connected some Windows XP clients to the network. When someone using WinXP accesses the DB and then exits, the .ldb file is deleted. It appears that WinXP doesn't recognize all of Novell NT's assigned file attributes such as "delete inhibit".

    Any ideas how to solve this issue? I'm open to a small fix for just the .ldb files or even a bigger fix involving an alternate method of multi-user multi-os management.

    Also, are there any quick references available on multi-user management of Access db's that include info on management of the .ldb file?

    Thanks for any help. :-)

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    Windows does not close the ldb file, Access does. The only action that deletes an LDB file is the last user exiting. FYI: A user opening the MDB exclusively promotes the Lock to Exclusive, deleting the LDB.

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