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    Unanswered: alignment...

    Please see the attached database.
    Format: Access 97

    Issue: I have a search result box and it show 5 /6 column of information. I would like to able to expand the column depending on length of the data. or may be just use the mouse to see more.

    1. Open the database
    2. Please click on Group Search
    3. highlight qrytblsearch
    4. the pick anything in the where field(s)
    5. you should now see all the records in "Search Result" box
    6. The search result is a List Box set to Unbound call "lstResult"
    7. I want to be able to double click on the invidual header and expande the the width of the desire column.

    Thanks in Advance for all your help.
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    You could loop through the listbox items and store the max. width per column in an array and use that to set the listbox column width property, remember to include the Column Headings in the loop.

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