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    Is there a way to pick just the 500th record in a result set without using a cursor or doing it on the client. I wont know anything about the record to use where...


    firstname lastname tot
    bill clinton 0
    george bush 1
    someone else 2
    big bird 3

    I want to pick the 3rd record, but I can't use a where because I don't know what the values of the 3 record are.

    Hope I made this clear.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Hi you have to use 2 TOP clauses together:

    SELECT TOP 1 * FROM (SELECT TOP n * FROM table) AS table2 ORDER BY id DESC

    in this query "n" is the row you what to access to. So, in you case it will be 3.

    Of course, in order to function properly, this solution need that the table is ordered in some manner. In this case i've choosen the "id", you can choose "tot"

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    That's what I needed.

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    manowar's solution is the most efficient if you know the ordinal position you want ahead of time. Unfortunately, you cant supply a variable to the TOP clause without dropping into dynamic sql statements. This method is probably slower, but will get you any ordinal position:

    declare @OrdinalValue integer
    set @OrdinalValue = 50

    select YourTable.PrimaryKey
    from YourTable
    inner join YourTable YourTableAlias on YourTable.SortField > YourTableAlias.SortField
    group by YourTable.SortField
    having count(*) = @OrdinalValue


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