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    Unanswered: Correct Coding

    I've been working with a db I just tookover, tring to normalize, clean code ect.
    In some moduals the previous admin opens a record set (ex. MyRS), does what is needed and in the end used just, Set MyRS = Nothing
    Other points he used, MyRS.Close then Set MyRS = Nothing
    And in some used just, MyRS.Close

    I've noticed that MS help also does it.

    Is this just a matter of 'coders choice'?
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    i know what you mean.

    i have a habit to set = nothing for database/recordset/querydef and other large objects, but i do it just before exiting the sub/function that dimmed them.

    it's probably crazy! don't these things die a natural death when they go out of scope at the end of the sub/function.

    anyone know about this stuff?


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