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    Question Unanswered: msgraph report , screeen resolution problem

    I have a report that is an unbound object with msgraph as the OLE. The entire report is the unbound object with the paper layout in landscape with the margins as low as they will go. So in essence 1 graph per page, taking up almost the entire area of the page.

    I have the unbound oject properies size mode set to 'zoom'. So when i am editing it in msgraph and forget to leave the size the way i found it it will still show the entire graph instead of cliping it or streching it.

    The problem is when in lower resolutions like 800*600 the graph will have the right side cropped which shouldnt happen. (because of the zoom property i set for it, I think).

    When in msgraph and at the lower resolution if i start messing with the border of the graph window i can see the report reflect the changes i make to the size of the graph window.

    Is there some code to make this cropping not happen, sort of like a resize form but for reports based on a users resolution?

    please post if i need to clarify more
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