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    Unanswered: access record by record in a report

    I have a report in which i need to do a complex conditional calcuation by traversing through each record, I know i can do this by coding in the detail_print section. but i dont want the detail section of the report to be shown, ie detail_print event doesnot get fired. how will i do this???
    Let me explain the report . report is bound to a parameter query. this query results look some thing like:

    clientno forwardtriptime returntriptime
    1 10am 11am
    2 1am
    3 12am
    1 3am
    every time theres a time whether forward or return i hav to count that as one. i need to group it on a branch and for every branch i hav to tell how many trips are there for a date. now i can do this only by going through each record and fininding out whether the forwardtriptime column is no null or returntriptime column is not null. At the same time i also need to show the number of distinct customers on the report.
    please help

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    I would do my calculations in the query and pass the values to the report.
    ie. SQL Server: Cnt1 = CASE When forwardtriptime Is Null And returntriptime Is Null then 0 else 1 End
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