I have a brand new SCO 7.1.3 install which I have already trashed X. Hopefully someone has an idea to fix so I do not have to redo it all.

I am moving from a SCO 2 ver. to the SCO 7.1.3 and tar balled my /etc/lp/printers and ../model to move to the new SCO. Long story short I blew away the folders in /etc/lp on my new SCO box. OOPPsss.

Eventually, I got my transfered printers installed, tweaked by hosts file, and was printing fine; but my XSession is messed up.

When I boot I was going all graphical now it comes up command line VT02, then I enter my login and it resets the terminal to console and re enter my login and then I get a flacky Xsession up.

When I first realized my error and moved my /etc/lp files from the old SCO to the new and rebooted a noted an error that ../B2 was not recognized.

Another reboot does not show this error so the system must have written that directory off.

Anyone got an idea????