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    Unanswered: DB2 partitioning


    I have partitoned db2 data on two machines, node 0 and node 1 respectively. The data is physically partitioned on both nodes but I would like to retrieve just the local data. How do I do that?

    What if I am not using clustering and one machine fails or is shut down, I should still receive the data on node 0 even if node 1 is off. I do not get it. I see no results and gives an error saying that one or more nodes is down. There should be a way to see the other data which in this case would be the local data.

    Please let me know of any answers on this issue.

    Thanking you,

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    Use the nodenumber function to return data from selected nodes.

    If a node is unavailable, to my knowledge, db2 will not return any data even if the other node/s are up. However, if you have HA installed, then it can failover to the other node and come up and then all the data will be accessible again.

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