to whom it may concern...

i finally fixed one of my earlier problems and wanted to share the solution in case u folks encounter similar problems.

maybe u can tell me if i am wrong.

adp project as a front end to a sql server 2000 database
a form based on a regular table

after locating a specified record by bookmarking the recordset clone
(even with the standard code the wizzard creates) the application (Access) will crash by trying to edit the located record, especially if the first thing u do is to check or uncheck a check box based on a column with data type [bit])

so i quit locating records but now am setting the whole form onto this single record the user wanted to see

so instead of
me.recordsetclone.find ...

i do something like
me.filter = "[AccountID] = " & dropDownBox
me.filterOn = true

works perfectly

any remarks on that?