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    Unanswered: db2move - I/O-Errors

    Hi there..

    I'm still a newbie concerning DB2-Tools and the command-line help from db2move wasn't very helpful.. Google couldn't help me with this error either:

    I'm the apprentice that has to fight our local DB2-Installation (Our Customer wants DB2 so we do have to use it, even without a proper DB2-Admin..) and I tried to import some files that one of our customers sent us.

    I used the syntax

    db2move <NameOfTheLocalDB> IMPORT

    in the directory with the db2move-Files (db2move.lst and all the table-files (ixf,msg)) and get an error for each and every file. Example:

    *** Table "MAADM "."TF1611": ERROR -3006. Check message file tab118.msg!
    *** SQLCODE: -3006 - SQLSTATE: ŽDx
    *** SQL3006C An I/O error occurred while opening the message file.

    The file exists and there are no read/write-Problems. This is Win2k with DB2 7.2.0.
    Any ideas? The content of the files seems to be correct to me and I don't understand this "I/O"-Error..

    I tried "db2move load" as well, but without success.

    Thanks for any hints,

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    According to knowledge "db2move with import" can only be used if the "db2move with export" was executed.

    Are you sure that your customer has used the "db2 move export" option?

    Please send the sintax of the command your are trying to execute.

    Hope this helps,

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