Hey people. This is my first time posting in this forum, so if I am in the wrong place, or do something wrong, I'll learn, and try to fix it.

Anyway, here is my problem:

I have this query in vb:

"TRANSFORM Max([Tbl Aliment Vache].Quantite) AS MaxDeQuantite" & _
"SELECT [Tbl Aliment Vache].[Numero Vache], [Tbl Aliment Vache].Date, Sum([Tbl Aliment Vache].Quantite) AS [Total Of Quantite] " & _
"FROM [Tbl Aliment Vache] " & _
"WHERE [Tbl Aliment Vache].[Numero Vache] = 148 " & _
"GROUP BY [Tbl Aliment Vache].[Numero Vache], [Tbl Aliment Vache].Date " & _
"PIVOT [Tbl Aliment Vache].[Numero Aliment]"

It works great in Access, but it doesn't work in vb. I heard that this kind of query is not supported by VB. Anyone here has a clue?

When I say it won't work, I mean that the program generates an error (still have to see which one) and crashes.

If you need any more information, I'll be here.