I am developing on SQL-2000 version 8.00.760 - using Microsoft Active X Data Object library 2.7 to connect and retrieve data.

I am writing a custom reporting component within an ERP package, querying the ERP database.

Initially I had very little error handling functionality in my application in terms of handling OLE DB errors, as I only allow users to select valid tables, fields etc when querying the database.

Recently, some of the users have started complaining about getting very poor error messages. This only occurs on some machines.

For instance I could write my own query in T-SQL - and query some incorrect table , field, such as "SELECT NoCollum FROM WrongTableName".

On some machines, I would get the error "Invalid Object Name WrongTable Name" , whereas on other machines (possibly just other accounts - as users use thier own Windows login account) - all I get is an error message Error Number : #-2147217865.

This is frustrating to users and the administrators onsite - as figuring out what the problem is , is time consuming, as they are continually looking up error numbers on the internet.

I am going to get around this, by creating an error lookup that returns the correct error messages in my application, but am confused as to why this works on some machines but not others.

The machines in question (where no error messages are found - just numbers), have MDAC 2.7 installed.. and even now have Enterprise Mgr and Query Analyser on them, to ensure that SQL-OLE DB drivers are up to date etc...

Could anyone tell me what I am missing ? I will survive going to long way, but surely there is something missing that only allows this message translation on some machines ?

Any comments or help would be appreciated.