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    Unanswered: Combo box store two records in a table

    I have created a combo box that looks up data from a table and then store this in another.

    The data it stores is employee number. However this is not unique and I wish to also store the job number from this table.

    Is there a way to store this from the combo box when it looks up the original data.

    Your replys appreciated, many thanks.

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    Re: Combo box store two records in a table

    You can store job number in the combo box but set the column width to 0 so it is not visible. When you save your record you can gain access to the hidden field by doing the following:

    Text1 = Combo1.Column(0) 'Employee No
    Text2 = Combo1.Column(1) 'Employee Name
    Text3 = Combo1.Column(2) 'Job No

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