I have a db form with several subforms on it - all occupying the same xy on the form. My problem is that I want a specific subform to become visible (and stay with that record forever) depending on the value entered in a certain combo box. That means that each record needs to show the required subform independant of the other records. When I place my code in the cbo's On Change or On Update, it works but changes the form for all the records. When I put my code in the form's On Current it tells me that I cannot reference controls that do not have focus. Is there a way to do this trick? Any help would be greatly appreciated ... I have run out of ideas. Unfortunately, being brand new to Access, that didn't take long.
The code I'm using:
Select Case cboCategory.Text
Case Is = "Census"
sfrmCensusDetail.Visible = True
sfrmDateRef.Visible = False
sfrmDriDetail.Visible = False
Case Is = ....