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    Cool Unanswered: Must Read before posting

    Welcome to the DB2 Forum !!!

    This DB2 Forum is a public, open, and unmoderated technical discussion forum for DB2 Community.

    Please follow these guidelines to get quick, apt and meaningful responses :

    1) Every question posted must include your DB2 Version, fixpack and Edition + your Operating System(including version info) + info on any third party software you use.
    You can get his info using the following commands
    db2level -> to get db2 version and fixpack level
    db2licm -l -> to get the db2 type (WSE, ESE, etc)

    2) If you question is regaring an error, make sure you post the error code, corresponding message and the command/sql which caused the error.

    3) If your question is regarding the db2 equivalent of a feature in another database, please explain what that feature is all about (rather than saying, 'what is the db2 equivalent of oracle's INSTR' explain in a sentence or two what oracle's INSTR function is and ask how to do that in db2)

    4) Please do not post generic questions like "Which is a better database, Oracle or DB2 ?" or "When/Why should I partition my data?" Rather be more specific to what you want .. Not everyone wants to answer theoretical questions ....

    5) It generally helps posting in English ... This will enable to reach the max number of audience ... It doesn't matter if you write gramatically incorrect English , but avoid the temptation to write in your own tongue - Only a handful of the helpful visitors may be able to understand your post ..

    6) Never send a question as a private message or email to any user. Always post in the forum only.

    In a nutshell, provide as much information relevent to the problem as possible. At the same time, let the post be short , to the point and not long stories ..

    Read the 'More Tips' post also ...

    The moderators/administrators will delete/edit posts which they think is not relevant or is of abusive, rude nature.

    This is a community, where the DB2 users help their fellow users. They do it in their own time without commitment of any kind. Bear in mind that content of a post is that of the user and doesn’t necessarily mean that it is technically proven. You use the contents at your own risk.


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    More tips

    When posting, please keep the following in mind :
    Before posting your question, search the forum. Your question or comment may have already been discussed, answered, or resolved.
    Create a concise subject that adequately summarizes your topic. (The word 'hi' never does this)
    Also, do not use words such as "Urgent" or "Important" in your subject line. This is a discussion, not a support forum.
    Do not use all capital letters, excessive question marks (?) or exclamation points (!) in your subject or content.
    Increase the likelihood of starting a discussion by providing details in your comment or question, and by choosing a relevant category, release and platform for your topic.
    Be patient. All the participants of this forum, are using the forum and participating in discussions on their own time.
    Help others. The forum is a community, and works best when people share information.
    Give feedback. If someone helps you by answering your question, try to add a follow-up response letting them know if it worked or not. If you made it work in a different manner or you did not get any response, do make it a point to let the forum know.
    Do not repost a question if you do not get a reply. No replies normally mean that the question has already been answered or the details provided are not sufficient to answer.
    Use the mailing/private messages feature of the forum to a minimum.
    Always be polite. Being otherwise will reduce the chance for getting an answer
    When replying to a post, click 'Reply' on the post ... Otherwise, it may cause confusion on for what you replied to ..

    Do not send users reminders about your post. Again, no one is obliged to reply. They do it in their own time and will.
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    This Thread - Why ?

    I have created this thread in response to the feedback I received from the forum participants , both by PM and in the forum ... Thanks to each one of them

    The experts in this forum spend their valuable time and energy to take part in the discussions ... For maximum benefit, their time should be used in an efficient manner ...

    But many posts do not contain enough information for the others to reply ....

    For example, I happened to read a post (not in this forum) recently

    Subject : Problem

    I am not able to access the tablespace ... How can I solve this ?

    No one had answered the question even after a week ... Why ? There is no information on what the version and platform of db2(is it db2 ? )or what command returned the error ... Rather, if this question, has been phrased :

    Subject : SQL0290N on INSERT

    I'm trying to issue an insert statement INSERT INTO DEPT VALUES(1,2,'3') when I get the error SQL0290N Tablespace access is not allowed .

    I'm using DB2 V7 FP 7 on AIX 4.3

    Such a messsage would have got immediate responses ...

    So, please adhere to the guidelines/tips to make use of this forum effectively ...

    Thanks again for your patience ....


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