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    Unanswered: Extracting SQL variables in REXX

    Help! I've not touched SQL and REXX for years but find myself having to do so again, and guess what ... I've forgotten almost everything!
    I'm using isql from a REXX to interrogate a SQL table on Win NT and, although I've not actually used iSQL before I'm slowly getting the hang of it. But, I just cannot find a way of retrieving information from a select statement so I can then manipulate the results within REXX.
    As a brief example:
    If I've a table (TestTable) which has two columns:
    1. Servername.
    2. Problem description.
    As and when a problem arises on a Server, I insert an entry into the table. That could mean, if I've a message storm, that I insert 36 lines exactly the same, as well as, say, 5 other problems. I want to select all identical issues from the sql table and put the count into a variable that can be used by REXX. I've tried the 'INTO :var1' statement, that is not accepted by SQL 7.0 using iSQL for some reason.
    Can anybody help me?


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    I've no idea about REXX, thought this link may help you to find out the result.

    --Satya SKJ
    Microsoft SQL Server MVP

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