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    Unanswered: Best backup utility

    Hello Informix Gurus

    Here is the situation.

    We actually have 4 informix databases used by SAP on HP-UX servers.
    1. Development
    2. Quality Control
    3. Pre-Test production
    4. Production

    Actually we are using 3 tape drive units to backup 3 of the 4 databases using the ONTAPE utility.

    We are actually looking to concentrate all our backups to one mega backup system. Allowing to backup all servers in one shut.

    Based on my understanding, ONTAPE doesn't allow to backup several databases on one tape. That is why we are using 3 tape devices. All our systems are 24 hours running system. So, we cannot shutdown the databases to do the backups.

    We are using HP servers under Unix OS. Informix has been mounted in raw devices.

    My question is:

    1. Is there any backup tool available to do online backup of several databases on the same tape as well as allowing to do regular system backup?

    2. Of course, if we have to restore one of the database, we do not want to restore all of it, but only the one we are interested to restore.

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    split database into 4 instances (1 database/instance) and use onbar with storage manager eg. legato , omni or ISM but write data into only 1 tape
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    Thank you Dananio for you reply

    I effectively have 1 instance per database.

    Is ONBAR can take online backup (Backup open informix database)

    Is there any good web site with very good ONBAR documentation?
    ( Samples of use, parameter and configuration documentation, etc..)

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    OnBar can do anything that 'ontape' can. So, 'online backups'
    are possible.

    If you have an SAP system I would not use the integrated
    ISM storage manager (a scaled-down version of the
    Legato Networker product). You should use OnBar in conjunction
    with a professional storage manager (IBM TSM, Veritas NetBackup, EMC/Legato Networker etc.).

    Be aware of the fact, that OnBar is more complex than ontape.

    You can find some (not up to date) information here:

    You might also read the Informix 'Backup und Restore Guide'.
    This gives you a good overview about OnBar.

    Best regards

    IT-Consulting Herber

    Download the IFMX Database-Monitor for free at:

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    onbar usage

    -b [-L <level>] [-f <filename>] [<dbspace list>]
    -b -w [-L <level>]
    -b -F
    -l [-c] [-s]
    -b backup
    -c backup current logical log
    -f pathname of file containing list of dbspaces, blobspaces
    -F fake backup
    -l backup full logical logs
    -L backup level: 0, 1, or 2
    -w whole system backup
    -s salvage logs
    <dbspace list> list of dbspaces, blobspaces to backup

    -r [-e] [-t <time> | -n <log>] [-f <filename>] [<dbspace list>]
    -r [-e] -p [-t <time>] [-f <filename>] [<dbspace list>]
    -r -l [-t <time> | -n <log> ] [-f <filename>] [<dbspace list>]
    -r [-e] -w [-p] [-t <time> | -n <log>]
    -e external restore
    -f pathname of file containing list of dbspaces, blobspaces
    -l logical restore
    -n last logical log to restore
    -p physical restore
    -r restore
    -t point in time to stop restore.
    <dbspace list> list of dbspaces, blobspaces to restore
    -w whole system to restore
    -RESTART restart an interrupted restore

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