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    Unanswered: MS Project and MS Access

    I"m trying to link to MS Project from MS Access but I don't know how. If anybody knows plz let me know.

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    Hopfully you have figured out the solution by now, but if you haven't, I have been working on and learning the same thing and can possibly help.

    In MS Project,
    file open
    find MS Access file (if you don't see if, make sure you are looking under the correct extension *.mdb) will take you to a place to map the tables in access to project.

    I used a new map and edit

    Select table (one per map)
    It should list the fields in that table - choose appropriate fields to link then to in Project then click OK

    In Project, create or rename a collumn to reflect the field you chose in Project.

    To link more tables, open Access file same way, new map and either append or link to key field.

    Hope this helps,

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