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    Unanswered: Please help on some questions!

    I'm trying to design a database and running into some questions which I couldn't figure it out.
    1. I'd like to let the user input any keywords in a text box and the Access searches the corresponding fileds with the combination and any of the keywords the user typed, just like the Google does.
    2. Is it possible to search the content of a linked file in Access, including PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT?
    3. How can I open a file with only one button or link whatever the file format is (e.g.:PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT)?
    Any suggestions would be appreciated. I'm newbie in Access and VB coding, so please include samples if it's possible.

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    this reply is going to be vague because it would take hours of work to give a full reply.

    you can get the user to input some keywords, then you parse the input to separate it into individual words (procedure is to use instr() to find the space (or separator dictated by you) and mid$() to make the individual words), and then you can construct SQL with a ....WHERE tbl.fld = kw1 OR tbl.fld = kw2 OR etc
    you can save this SQL as a qrydef or run it immediately as SQL depending on your desired result.

    content of:
    PDF: probably yes, but difficult i guess! open a .PDF with a hex editor and examine the structure - what you can see in a hex editor can be searched in A. but it is going to be slow!
    DOC: text yes, other stuff more difficult
    XLS: easy - built-in A functionality
    PPT: hmmmmmmmmmm - you would need to explain what you mean

    one button open:
    lots of code!

    my first guess is that nobody here is going to give you a full answer to your hydra-headed question: try some experiments and if you get stuck on one aspect of the problem, post a question. "big" questions tend not to get answered here.


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    Re: Please help on some questions!

    Microsoft Index server will search the contents of MS Office products and you can get a pluggin from Adobe to search PDFs.

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