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Thread: Oracle cursors

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    Unanswered: Oracle cursors


    I have defined a cursor for an sql statement. When the
    number of attributes i select in the sql statement
    goes above 20 then the cursor fetch operation takes a long
    time. The number of rows i fetch is the same, it is only the number of attributes i select change.

    I would appreciate if someone can send a reply to the problem.

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    I'll send you a reply if you send me your code.

    Also, how many total rows are in the table you are querying?
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    I'm afraid there is no simple answer to your question, how Oracle performs it's work is dependant on many, many variables.

    This document will introduce you to the basics of it....

    Having written that (and believing I understand what Oracle gets up to) I am amazed by the performance mistakes Oracle can make.


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