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    Unanswered: need script to monitor os free space & errors

    I am looking for a script to check the os free space and email if getting below a threshold.

    Additionally, I am looking for another script to read the sql server log for errors and to email if error (or a string) is found.


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    You can take help of ALERTS in SQL server for free space threshold, refer to books online for more information.

    Also can take help of Notification services or third party tools like BMC Patrol to alert if any error occurs in SQL error log/
    --Satya SKJ
    Microsoft SQL Server MVP

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    Procedure for extracting error from Errorlog and send email:

    1) Open a notepad, cut and paste the following sample of errors
    that you would like to find:

    Error: 3414
    Error: 3437
    Error: 3619
    Error: 8651
    Error: 9002
    BACKUP failed to complete
    consistency errors
    Exception Access Violation

    and save it as "search_list.txt"

    2) Open another notepad, cut & paste the below sample to
    extract the error and output to a file (C:\List_error.txt) if
    any error in the Errorlog is matched with the "Search_list.txt"
    provided above:

    IF EXIST DEL C:\List_errorlog.txt
    Findstr /i /g:C:\Search_List.txt D\MSSQL\LOG\errorlog >

    osql -Sservername -E -Q"xp_sendmail @recipients = '', @message = 'See attached file for error',@attachments = 'H:\MSSQL\LOG\List_errorlog.txt', @subject = 'SQL Server Errorlog'"

    save it as a command file like "Search_error.cmd"

    3) start the Enterprise Manager and schedule a job that run the
    "Search_error.cmd" for every 10 min or whenever...



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