Every body knows (Oracle People) that there are three main types of static views.
User_views that show the information about the current logging
All_views that show the information where the current logging is granted
DBA_views that show the information that only DBA may see.

Sometimes, these rules are implemented with strange manners.

About Materialized view logs, User and All views give you a lot of information but nothing about columns involved in the log, you need to be a DBA !!

About Dimensions, you have a difference between these queries
- select * from sys.all_dimensions
returns all dimensions that the logged user may see.

- select * from sys.all_objects WHERE OBJECT_TYPE = 'DIMENSION'
returns only the dimensions owned by the logged user (for other object_type, you see all objects that the logged user may see).

Of course in the Dimension and Object views you have not the same information!!

I use as well 8.1.7 and 9.2

Is there some explanation about that !!