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    Unanswered: pliiiiiiiiiz help me!

    hi everybody!

    here's a picture of what i have to do...

    my db contains 3 tables :

    Tools (RefTool, #RefCoco, #RefType)
    Coco (RefCoco)
    Type (RefType)

    i've got a query that counts the number of tools by coco and by type

    circled in red, the list of types
    " yellow, the list of cocos
    " green, the number of tools by cocos and by types

    but this sheet is from excel and i'd like to do the same as a report...

    is it possible to have the same presentation with access?

    thx a lot
    if sthg's not clear enough mail me at
    thx again
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    You need to create a crosstab query.

    • Creat a query joining Tools to Coco and Type
    • Change the query type to crosstab
    • Group on Coco and Type, Count on the value
    • in the crosstab row set Type to Row, Coco to Column and the count to Value

    Away you go.

    There is also a crosstab wizard option when you create a new query, that may be a good place to start.

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