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    Unanswered: Database editing solution

    This is really an asp question more so that a db question. Here's the deal:

    I have a roster of people from a db showing up in a frame containing ans asp page. In order for the client to edit a record on the roster, I have an edit page opening up in a javascript pop-up. I know how to edit the db but what I don't know is how to 'bind' the text boxes in the pop up to the correct record in the db (based on which record they selected to edit). Here is how it looks:

    John Smith 12 123 Main Street Your Town State edit this

    the 'edit this' is a link that opens the pop-up. How can I get the correct record to show up in the pop up?


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    Hahaha, how's this kind sir?

    Response.Write("<A href=javascriptop('')>edit this</A>")

    will this work in your page?

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    Example URL with a querystring:

    Because a variable might contain some odd characters like spaces, it's usually a good idea to use Server.URLEncode when creating a querystring from a variable:
    <a href="<%= Server.URLEncode(objRS("MyIDFldFromDB")) %>">objRS("MyIDFldFromDB")</a>

    And in the page that is opened you can use Request.QueryString("id") to get the value of id.
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    Thanks for all your help people. I really appreciate it!

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