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    Unanswered: Veritas Backup

    Hi all,

    Is ther anyone that uses Veritas for backup to tape.
    I am using Veritas s/w using IBM drive.I have problems once in a week saying that storage unit not available,but there is lots of storage available in other tapes.Now we suspect it is the driver problem,because once we go and manually unload and load te tape it starts to write.'

    Now i would like to know

    1.Is there any command we can unload(eject) the tape from the drive ,then laod (inject) it back to the drive from the slot.

    2.Is there a way we can do this from the GUI.



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    We use Veritas Netbackup to backup and archivelog directly to tape. We have faced this issue and from what I have heard from our SAN Administrator, there is no alternative. However, I have not heard about this issue recently, so it may be a version issue. What version of Veritas is this?

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