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    Question Unanswered: Image Handling

    I am creating a database of images that consists of a table with text information and one image PK = ID.
    Now the image problem -
    I set this up originally with DBPix but would like to use lebans (great site) scroll bars system that uses a Form FormSub and FormSubSub. My problem is that I want the file scroll put on the main Form but have to link the FormSubSub to my database table to get the image displayed. I then get the navigation bar on FormSubSub that overwrites the lower scroll bar. I can remove the scroll bar on FormSubSub but then I cannot control the table access.
    Here is the question -
    If I have Form linked to the table and FormSubSub linked to the table how can I use the navigation bars on Form to control the image on FormSubSub ?
    When I have tried to somehow link the Form with the FormSubSub (leaving the navigation bars on both for now) the two navigation bars work independently !
    I'm happy to have a hidden image on FORM and move to the FormSubSub image so I can use the lebans scroll feature, or somehow, programmatically tell FormSubSUb to use the same record that FORM is referring to ! I am happy to use some code in the two buttons to refresh as necessary but would prefer it to work automatically controlled by the navigation bar !
    This may be a very simple/fundamental Access problem so please let me know even if the answer may seem obvious !

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    I have not had a look at lebans zoom tool, so i am not sure this will work.

    You could consider storing the path in your sub sub form ratehr than the image and then using an image control on the main form set it's picture path to the sub sub forms path.

    You may be able to modify the code behind the control and tell it to point to the sub sub form. The syntax would be:

    Forms("MainForm").Form("1stSubFormName").Form("2nd SubFormName").control

    Where 1st and 2nd sub form names are the names as they appear in the properties from the main form, and control is the name of the image.

    I would think off the top of my head that probably you need to correctly reference the image for the zoom control to work properly and the line above will work for you.

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