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    Unhappy Unanswered: Shortcut Automatically Adds " To Target Property

    * I am trying to create a VBScript file to create a SHORTCUT.

    The shortcut is for running an MS Access database.

    The TARGET property got this pattern :
    g:\xx\msaccess.exe g:\xxx\fe.mde /wrkgrp g:\xx\sec.mdw

    * But the problem is the shortcut AUTOMATICALLY adds " to the front and end of the string WHENEVER there is SPACE in the string.

    So it becomes like this:
    "g:\xx\msaccess.exe g:\xxx\fe.mde /wrkgrp g:\xx\sec.mdw"

    * This which will cause the shortcut to fail (because of the extra ").

    If it is g:\xx\msaccess.exe, then it will not add " to the string (and this will work).

    ** Does anyone know how to set the target property WITHOUT getting the " ??

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    I've been running into the same problem often. I have a shared database with FE on clinets PCs and BE on server. I tried with batch and VB but I didn't find an solution. So... What to do then? I used a program called QSetup composer to distribute the FE.

    If you need it, post here!

    Hope this helps!


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