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    Question Unanswered: Table Space Size?

    Hi PPL

    I have a question about creating tablespaces and using an accurate size.

    I am going to create a Test DB but import from a LIVE DB but I am not too sure about tablespace size.

    There are only 2 new tablespaces that need to be created. So when I go to DBA Studio and get the Live DBs tablespace size, the one is 2.2 gigs and the other is 700mb.

    In my script, what size should I specify, I am thinking of adding a extra 100 mb just to make sure that the size is big enough, there problem is that before we used a tablespace size that was too big and the DB was too small and I dont want to use a tablespace thats too small cause it will bomb out on the import....

    Any recommendation???

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    Provided you have the diskspace create the tablespace with 700M but put autoextend on (see create tablespace syntax on technet) so the tablespace will grow if necessary. If necessary you can specify a max size it will grow to.


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