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    Question Unanswered: Exporting table to excel

    I need to export a query to Excel and I want to do it with a command button, does anyone have an example of the code to program the button. That's my first question. Second question: can I export that query to Excel and have it show up in an Excel template? I have a specific Excel format that I want to export it to and it will have to be done on a daily basis to take to my morning meetings. Can I easily make individual fields in the records reference to specific cells? Thanks for your help. Any questions let me know, Lord knows I ask enough of them.


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    query and form

    1. you will need to have your query.
    2. you will need to have a form where you will put a button called export.
    3. System should then export the query in an excel file.
    4. If you have an existing template, then save the file into your template and it will retain the header for you.
    5. for number 4: if you save your export excel file to an existing excel file access will append not overwrite.
    6. hope it helps.

    Look at the database following link...

    you want to look at the report from the switchboard.

    Good Luck.
    Dianna C.

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