Egad - merge replication again.

I'm setting up a central subscriber topology with merge replication. I'm getting the old invalid subscriber error message

The subscription to publication 'PBNewYork' is invalid.

With the datasource error - The remote server is not defined as a subscription server.

Yes, I looked at all the posts on this and checked out all the stuff about my server names, renames, etc. The subscriber is set up on the distributor, and so on.

The problem is only occuring for a server that was set up as a publisher AFTER the first publisher was used to push the initial snapshot. I'm not pushing a snapshot from the second publisher because I want to keep my data on the central server intact. My question is this -

Does the subscriber NEED the snapshot from the second publisher in order to set up something for the subscription (triggers etc.)? Or should it just work using the changes from the first publisher?