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    Unanswered: Estimating Table size and Index Size

    I have a project to estimate the table space size for future additions, This is to find out how much hdd space has to be bought to accomodate future requirements.
    The Table definition and index definitions are already present.

    how do i calculate space. i do not want an average but to get the max size based on the data types in bytes

    already thanking you !

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    This script is my personal estimate sizing script - it won't give you an answer but will hopefully help you to arrive at your own answer. I use it to
    a: Estimate eventual table sizes
    b: Decide tablespace sizes, initial extents etc

    You will probably have to run it repeatedly with different initial extent/extent sizes to arrive at a suitable sizing scenario. Also, it's updated and messed around with as and when, so it's worth looking through to see it works for you.

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