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    Question Unanswered: Database is slow

    Hi Expert,

    I installed a sybase server recently and i took <servername>.cfg file from our production machine(Server A) to the new test machine(Server B).

    Our test machine (Server B) is just purchased recently as well. However the performance is very bad compared with our production machine.
    I have increase the total memory using sp_configure but the result is not changed.

    In fact, i have another test machine (Server C) which is only a pc with IDE hardisk which run faster than our new test machine(Server B).

    The disk configuration is RAID 5.

    Do you know what is likely the problem, or how can i test if there is a a problem on our new test machine?


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    Copying CFG file from an existing server to a new machine does not guarntee that the Server would run at optimum level as before.

    CFG are specifically configured based on CPU speeds and other hardware + ASE requirements. Unless your test Server B is exactly similar to Server A.

    Go back to default CFG, run sp_sysmon and find out the bottlenecks.



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    Have setup your OS correctly? Could be that ASE is being limited by your OS configuration (file descriptors etc...)

    Also consider that some tunable options are NOT stored in the config file and have to be reapplied each time the ASE is started. See dbcc tune max des writes or something similar.

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