I have a setup of a oracle (8.1.7) database and legato networker 6.1.1 both on AIX 4.3.3. Legato was install after oracle.

How can I determine that I can use the tape drive configured using legato to do rman backups. The installation of notes of oracle have a procedure to manually install networker 5.5, but not 6.1.1. Can anyone tell me want can I do.

The procedure for 5.5 is
cp stage/Components/lsmm/lib/liblsm.a /$ORACLE_HOME/lib64/liblsm.a
shut all instances in $ORACLE_HOME
rm libobk.a
ln -s liblsm.a libobk.a
start oracle db's

For legato 6.1.1 what shell I do ??

Thanks in advance