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    Unanswered: Difference

    I make two query's, with both a lot of joins and both the same functionality. I have one query with the old join-syntax and one with the new ISO/ANSI syntax. hey have the same execution_plan but when i watch it with the following:
    select * from v$sqlarea where or sql_text like '%PPPPP%'
    ( I put '%PPPPP%' in the query to extract it from the table. )

    I see that my shared_memory is 60 time as big my runtime_mem is 7 times as big and the cpu time is 80 times as big. So the new ANSI/ISO goes slomo in comparison with the old syntax, but they use the same execution plan. does anyone give me a hint?

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    Use google Groups as

    A lot of High specialists may give you an answer,

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