I have installed MySQL 4.1 on a Redhat 9 box with Resin webserver. The MySQL server starts and stops fine and I have no problems accessing data etc, that is, when starting the server manually via mysqld. However, if I add the server as a service to my startup scripts strange and weird things happen. Following reboot, mysql server starts and things appear normal... until I start hitting the database for connections. I can typically run 2-3 queries ok, before MySQL starts hanging on providing connections. Connection times, which are normally 1-20ms, start hitting 10-20seconds. Both RAM and CPU consumption look fine and my load average is typically less than 0.5. Not entirely sure what is happening here... MySQL 4.1 ran fine on another box I have which is using RH7.3. Is there something I have missed with configuring MySQL?? Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.