hello' vrybuddy

So Today I have a big problem
I have download and install the ODP.NET for oracle.
the oracle custommer of my machine is 9.i but my base is a 8.i
my friends in my office say that only the custommer application is use by ODP but they dont really know anything about dotnet so...I m asking you...

I work with Visual studio.net and i have installed the ODP.net class.

When i want visual to generate a dataset of my table , it do not generate it
it tell me that my dataadapter as a wrong cast but it seems false(and it tell me smthg about "prompt" of my string connexion but i did not find what it was)
and when i tried to copy/paste my table of my database (you know from the server explorer window) on my design webservice window to generate alone a connexion and an adaper, Visual generated an OleDbCoonection and an OleDbDataAdapter instead of an OracleConnection and an OracleDataAdapter
I dont understand why???

Since i download the ODP.Net there is no new provider in the visual studio provider list, why?
So as you see i am a little lost and i need help.
Thank you for reply to me