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    Red face Unanswered: Windows SP4 and MS Hotfix Q811114

    I sent this to a contact at our web hosting company that was going to try to get it to someone on the dev team at Microsoft, but still have not heard anything back. This happens when we use the recommended connection SQLOLEDB to the database. It seems this Q article: Q811114 was included in Windows SP4, I would like to install SP4 but I know this hotfix will kill my application. Any suggestions or if you can get this to the development team their that would be awesome. Here is the scenario of how MS Hotfix Q811114 caused sporadic connection problems with our .asp application talking to our SQL server. Machines/Builds involved: All HP/Compaq DL380s web server and a Seperate Database Server all running Windows 2000 Server sp3 and SQL Server 2000 sp3. We have an .asp application using SQLOLEDB to connect to our SQL 2000 database. When we applied hotfix Q811114 we sporadically receive the following error: Provider error '8004d01c' Connection to the transaction manager failed. /include/asp/db/openConnection.asp, line 9 The page is just making a simple connection to our SQL server using SQLOLEDB, here is an example of how it connects: Application("DSN") = "provider=sqloledb;server=21.*.*.*;database=Test;u id=testuser;password=password" End SELECT.

    If anyone has recieved this error please let me know, we have only seen the issue on our production environment. I have installed SP4 on a few test systems and have not run into any issues thus far. I sent the above to Microsoft support and they said I had to submit a written letter to the Development Team to report the bug.. you have got to be kidding... Anyhow needless to say I do not have the time to submit a letter and wait forever for a response. Any insight or maybe someone out there has seen the above please let me know.


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    Angry Re: Windows SP4 and MS Hotfix Q811114

    I am having this same problem.

    Error Type:
    Provider (0x8004D01C)
    Connection to the transaction manager failed.
    /Intranet/HRSurveyResults.asp, line 120

    offending code:

    Set Connect = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
    Connect.Open "SurveyHR"

    background - SurveyHR is an access database. What is weird is that the I get this error on this particular page, but not on others who access different MS Access DBs on the same server. DUnno if this helps, but at least your not alone.

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