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    Unanswered: send as Attachment in HTML of a Report!

    Hi all,
    I have recently started working with Access and created a report with some queries and designed it with some visual effects.It is working fine.Only thing is when I want to send the report as an attachment, It does not load any lines or borders of the text in the HTML page. Is it the default property and do I have to do anything to get the designed format of the report, or just it can't be. All the lines and the designed format in the reportarre a must in the HTML which will be sent to the reciepent. Please suggest me as how to do.

    Thanks in adwance,
    Best Regards,

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    must it be HTML?

    if yes - you have to code up Access to "write" the HTML page yourself. lines and stuff like that are ignored by A's built-in export

    if no, and all you want is your report with all its formatting, lines, graphs, etc preserved to be readable by any recipient, use .SNP

    DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputReport, "rptName", "Snapshot Format", "drive:/path/name.snp"
    is a free, fast reader for SNP for those who don't have access installed


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