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    Lightbulb Unanswered: Remote Access To WEB SQLServer

    I am new to this MySQL business and i need some serious help!

    I have just purchased a web site with 1 sqldatabase, i have been given a username, a password and have been to to enter "localhost" as the host, and have not created any tables yet.

    I run a local pool league and what i need to do is connect my Access Database and tables to my web based database. So i have a LIVE update of results and fixtures every week. Save messing around with exporting tables to HTML pages etc. you get my drift.

    HOW DO I DO IT??

    I can't find any help anywhere and you guys are my last hope.

    I have downloaded MySQL installed and it runs ok, i have tried to use MySQL Control Center and i keep receiving the following error messages depending on the information i enter in the register server screen:

    HOSTNAME : localhost
    USERNAME : (astold by web host )
    PASSWORD : (as told by web host )
    error message
    access denied for user ...........

    HOSTNAME : web site address
    USERNAME : (astold by web host )
    PASSWORD : (as told by web host )
    error message
    [PoolDatabase] ERROR 1130: Host '' is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server

    I am lost please can you point me in the right direction.


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    AFAIK localhost= is your own PC, it can't be that of your website host. (please let me know if its otherwise)

    Did you try connecting to your host on the correct IP and port? If you don't succeed, contact your website host's customer service and get the correct connection parameters.

    Further, enquire if the DBA at your host set up your username such that you could connect from any IP (if you are on a dial-up modem).

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