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    Unanswered: Composite Index question

    I have a table that data is automatically inserted from a VB program. I have one numeric field as the PK - JobNum. Here's my question: is it possible to have 3 other text fields (next to each other) in the table linked together in an effort to make the combination of data in the three fields unique without making them a composite PK? I want to be able to duplicate info in any one of the fields as long as the combined data in those fields never duplicate. Here's an example:

    Field3 Field4 Field5
    uv100 005 0000 Unique combo
    uv100 006 0000 Unique combo
    uv100 006 0001 Unique combo
    uv200 005 0000 Unique combo
    uv100 005 0000 Not allowed - duplicate entry

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    Go into your table design and create a new index by clicking on the index button. Add your index name and your 3 field names, then set the
    unique property to "yes"

    That shoudl take care of it.
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