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    Unanswered: DB2 8.1 and JDBC driver

    We are planning to start supporting our application in DB2 8.1 FP2
    Right now our application supports DB2 7.2 and we will continue to support even after decalring D28.1 support

    My questions are

    1. Is there any known problems with the JDBC driver supporting 7.2 and 8.1

    (We ship the jdbc driver along with the application)

    2. Is there a backward compatibilty issue with DB2 8.1?

    3. We are facing SQL0440N errors executing the stored procedures from the java application.

    4. Application works correctly in AIX 4.3.3. DB2 7.2 without any problems.

    5. What changes are needed to be done in the code to support the new Database DB2 8.1 FP2. (Type 4 database access)


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    The problems that we have encountered was having a V 8.1 client configured to access both V7 and V8 DB2 databases. Nothing seemed to work properly until we deleted the configuration for the V7 client. Then everything worked fine. I guess this is why IBM says to upgrade all the servers to V8 first then the clients.



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    DB2 8.1 and JDBC Drivers.


    We are running the DB2 server and application on the same AIX box.

    But AIX box we are using is upgraded from AIX 4.3.3 and DB2 7.2 version to AIX 5.2 and DB2 8.1 FP2 for this project.

    This task was done by our AIX administrator, we don't know what steps he followed to do the updrade.

    I will get the upgrade steps from him and post it here today, please validate whether the upgrade done is improper and may affect the java application running on the server.

    Thanks for your reply.

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