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    Unanswered: Get FKey Information from Database

    I'm trying to build a report that we can run against any data base that will list:
    1) Table Name (simple enough, I got that)
    2) Foreign Kesy names (got that too)
    3) The referenced table (took a while, but got that too)
    4) The linked columns (took even longer, but that's done
    5) Cascade info -- AHHhhhh.. .this is where I'm having problems. Does anyone know how to determine if the FKey is a CASCADE DELETE/UPDATE or neither.
    I'm farily convinced that it has to do with the syscontraints table, but the action col is the same for all of the entires (and I _know_ THAT can't be right.....)....
    Can any one shed some light on the subject? Thanks, Jeremy
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    Thanks for posting that for me Jeremy....
    I found the answer in the usenet groups:


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