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    Unanswered: Running Scripts With Web Companion

    I am using FMP6 and some of my scripts will not run with the Web Companion. I have a scripts that needs to open another file, but clicking the trigger button in the browser does nothing. Any ideas/solutions?

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    If your are using instant web publishing some buton did not work, you should use cdml instead of iwp
    Olivier Miossec

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    Re: Running Scripts With Web Companion

    The only script functions that work in IWP are the following:

    Goto record request

    Goto Field

    New Record

    Enter Find mode

    Show all records

    Perform Find

    Exit Record


    Delete record

    View as

    Enter Browse mode

    open Help

    Open Document

    Open URL

    Goto related record

    This list gets even smaller for the supported multiple script steps.

    You can work around any limitations by using normal HTML pages as well as IWP pages but if you really want to get technical you should have a look at CDML.

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