Hi, for a project I'm investigating different database servers and programming languages for developing dynamic web application of a website such as Monster (applying to jobs, submitting resume...employers can view applications online, do selections and rank potential candidates, admin can update the database with new jobs and job status etc.)

I would like to do a compare and contrast type report comparing the more mainstream database servers such as Oracle, Sybase, mySQL, PostgreSQL and using pros and cons find out which would be best suited for a project described above. Then, compare different languages to program the database such as PHP/Perl, Java, ASP, PeopleSoft.
(it would be best if I could also do some comparisons with the different comobinations i.e. PHP/Perl with mySQL, ASP with Sybase etc.)

I've been to some websites but all they do is write what's good about their product. Could some of you experts give your opinions or direct me to some good webpages to some comparisons?

If you request further information I can supply it, I didn't want to write too much in my first post. I'm very inexperienced with this topic so could you please try not to overwhelm me with too much technical terms (I'll still have my dictionary handy tho).