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    Unanswered: What does this icon mean


    Normally the Server-icon in the enterpirse manager is gray-box with a green start-button (see also the attached picture).
    However, on 2 occassions I noticed an extra red curly vertical line on this icon.

    The first time it was after I connectted my SQL2000-EM with to a SQl7-server, The 2nd time it was with a SQL7-EM to a different SQL7-server.

    It gave me the impression something was wrong with either my connection or the server. But nothing could be found.

    Any idea why this extra red line was displayed ? Or where to search for more info ?

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    In the SQL 7.0 version of Enterprise Manager, the red squggly line on the right side of the server icon indicated that you were connected to that server. I do not think they included that red line in SQL 2000 Enterprise Manager, though.

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    As explained nothing to worry with the icon reprensentation, make sure to refer SQL error logs in regular intervals to get to know any issues on the instance.
    --Satya SKJ
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