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    Unanswered: Datasource works in windows 2000 pro with openlink but not on Windows 2000 Server

    I am trying to create a data source to a progress 8.3b database using openlink drivers. It works wonderfully on my local windows 2000 pro machine but when I try and create it on a windows 2000 server machine I recieve an error. I am configureing them identically and I recieve the error: Connection unsuccessful Connection Error:[Openlink][ODBC]Unable to allocate server handle, SQLSTATE=S1000

    My DB options which work under my win 2000 machine are -S risvr -H thfile -N TCP -db f:\home\sos\dbs\ri

    The services are listed in winnt/system32/drivers/etc/services/ and my paths are declared.

    Is there something I am missing, it should work the same right?

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    Hi Ed

    You really need to trace and compare both server logs here. Typically when you hit a Unable to allocate Server handle, its usually a configuration issue.

    This could be either an issue with your DLC/PROCFG not been set up, or alternatively, it could be you've passed the wrong parameters etc. You could copy/paste your server log entries into your response and we can have a look see.


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    Actually that was a big part of it. Then I was struggling with a connection being rejected by datasource error but everything looks good this morning. Maybe I needed the weekend to clear my head!

    Thanks for your response.

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