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    Unanswered: mysqlimport and charset problem

    I have a text data file to be imported by using mysqlimport. But it seems doesn't work since all the records are set to NULL. I guess the problem is that the data in that text file is encoded by Unicode, and mysqlimport was not parsing the characters correctly. I've tried to set the --default-character-set option to utf8 but unfortunately, to the best of my knowledge, there's no such a thing call utf8 or utf-8 in MySQL (I'm using 3.23.56 version.) There are also other ways for dumping the file, like using mysql command. But what I need is the --ignore or --replace option of mysqlimport, which mysql does not have. PHPMyAdmin is even worse, since it can only run a very few lines of queries because the limit of server timeout, while my file is very big. So I come here to look for a workaround. Is there anyway to solve this issue? Thank you and I appreciate all of your answers.

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    Maybe LOAD DATA (or) mysqld --default-character-set could solve your probem. Not sure if those are available with your MySQL version

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